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Hello there!  What better way to kick- start my blog than sharing with you some random facts about me? This is also an opportunity for me to learn about you and I can’t wait!  Let’s get it started in here. (happy dance)



  1. Obsessed with bleaching my hair.
  2. I have 3 brothers, no sisters, not that I know of lol.
  3. 5ft 6 inches tall, sometimes I wish I were a lil bit taller; but I guess that’s what heels are for.
  4. My parents were blessed with me on the 3rd of November.
  5. I am a scary driver, next time you see me on the road please be kind. Lol
  6. Hoarder of scented candles, especially fruity ones.
  7. Can float but cannot swim.
  8. Obsessed with animals, they melt my heart. Hence my reason for having four waggling tails in The Bahamas and four cats in Jamaica. kudos to my mom for taking great care of my cats which now belong to her. There is something about the number 4…hmmm.
  9. Give me a nice pot of Manish water ( goat belly soup) and I will love you FOREVA!!! .
  10. I have a great sense of humour, hang with me for a belly full of laughter.
  11. A cleaning Maniac… I can’t stand dirt.
  12. I am a frugal shopper.
  13. During 15 minutes of watching a movie I am K.O (zzzz). A movie must be interesting to keep my lashes up.
  14. Love the camera and I think it loves me back!
  15. Like to lip sync in front my bathroom mirror when I am alone.
  16. Whenever I am in a gloomy mood, I blast the headphone and sing at the top of my lungs.
  17. A huge fan of country music. I never get tired of listening to Dixie Chicks and Tim Mcgraw.
  18. Love the scent of fever grass (lemon grass) it brings back great childhood memories.
  19. Whenever I attend a funeral, it’s mandatory that I view the dead or else I feel as if I haven’t been there (wierdo).
  20. Love spicy food.



Cheers to you for reaching this far! It means that you took the time out to browse through my very first blog post. Thank you so much! Do we have any commonalities? Please share below in the comment’s section.

Please stay tuned for more posts, there is so much I want share and I promise we’ll carve a smile on each other’s face. You can also check out my about page for more about Cam.

Thanks for hanging with Cam, Until next time.

23 thoughts on “20 FACTS ABOUT CAM

  1. I always wondered why you had four dogs. Four is the number for humanity. You may be hearing more towwards becoming a humanitarian🤔🙌🏼😂. I love you blog. Can’t wait to learn more 😘💖

  2. Hi Cam just checking out your blog it’s awesome…… u know me so I don’t have to brief u on that 😂😂it’s a good look hun…. big things coming ur way congrats again

  3. Hi Cam, this is awesome! It was fun learning fun facts about you! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. We have something in common! I love me the scent and taste of lemon grass, any chance I get my hands on some I will definitely hook you up! 🥂 Cheers!

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