A Little Jar of Goodness

Don’t you just love it when you find ONE  item that works for both your hair and skin? Today I am sharing a new product that I have added to my daily skin/hair care routine.

Delicately scooped in a flawless 4 oz. travel-friendly jar with fragrance of freshly grated coconut, bears a real treat to the skin and hair- Paradise Apothecary’s Shae and Coconut Whipped Butter. The name alone makes me want to delve in and it lives up to this reputation. I have been using this butter for a handful of days and I am impressed… it is just remarkable and my skin and hair are loving it!


At first, when I saw  Shae Butter, I was thinking…hmmm, another stiff, heavy, cakey Butter! However I was pleasantly surprised how light and fluffy its texture is, it reminds me of whipped cream. I love how it melts beautifully into my skin and provides intense hydration. My platinum bleached hair gets dried easily, but a little of this goodness keeps every strand moisturized without me looking like a wet rat.

My favourite thing about this product is its 100% natural composition. Chemical-based ingredients exhaust the skin overtime which makes it age prematurely and causes it to get saggy; chemicals also destroy the hair protein causing damaged ends and dried frizzy strands. This product is made of 100% pure naturally refined shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, and 100% pure sweet almond oil. These ingredients nourish the skin and maintains its elasticity and also stimulates  hair growth (I am growing my hair for now). If you are looking for a true 100% natural product that is affordable ($8) and doesn’t exploit the health of your hair and skin, then you have found a WINNER. All my sensitive skin friends, are you listening?


Hats off to Paradise Apothecary  for “putting  your foot ”(as we would say in the Caribbean) in this Shae and Coconut Whipped Butter, I will be more than happy to restock! If you are interested in this product, click [here]. Be sure to store in a cool place if purchased. Lemme know how it goes.



2 thoughts on “A Little Jar of Goodness

  1. Amazing! I tried the product first in my hair and liked it. Very soon I realized that I was massaging it into my forehead, my face, my lips, and all over my body. This stuff is really addictive and it works for me like no other product i have tried. Truly multi purpose. Congratulations and good luck @paradiseapothecary

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