Attitude of Gratitude

Hello Hunnies!!! Excited about the weekend???

It’s my Birthday weekend! Yesterday I started my 32nd year on earth. Yes, my age is officially off the calendar and I am feeling pumped!  As I get older, the more I am finding myself and for that I am grateful!


“Gratitude is one of the sweetest shortcuts to finding true peace of mind and happiness inside, no matter what is going on outside of us, there is always something we could be grateful for.”  ~ Barry Neil Kaufman.

I usually rev my days with an inspirational quote and today’s pick is about having an attitude of gratitude . 

There are so many things I am grateful for! Here are 10 of such:

 1. Life

I am grateful to Jehovah for sparing my life to see another year. Unfortunately, not many  people  live to see their age off the calendar.

2. My husband

I am truly blessed with a GOOD man( I am not saying this with hot potato my mouth) I have never met a more genuine, kind-hearted and braver human being than Rory. We have been together for 7 solid years, happily married for over a year and we have a lifetime to go. I am thrilled to have him as my life partner.

3. My family

They are my greatest support system. Dad always keep me laughing so hard with his infectious personality. My mother and brothers check on me constantly and share fine spiritual food through daily Watsapp calls. I have a great bond with my parents and siblings and I am grateful for that.


4. Genuine Friends

Today I find content in knowing the true meaning and value of genuine friends. I am blessed with some great friends in my life.

5.  My dogs

The most loyal friend man can ever ask for, and I am fortunate to have all of 4! They bring so much joy and happiness to my life.

6.  Good health

Since I have started my fitness journey I have never been healthier. I am happy that I have made this lifestyle change.

7.  Living in the Tropics

I love being an island gal. Nothing beats living in the tropics; from the beautiful weather and beaches, the food, the rich and colorful culture… it’s a melting pot of goodness!


8.  Hope

Life without hope is like days without a ray of sunshine. I appreciate Jehovah for giving me the hope of a better future, a world without mankind’s darkness, sickness, death and pain.( rev 21:3,4).

9.  My Life’s struggle.

You may think I am crazy for this one but I am grateful for my painful struggles in life.  The challenge of coping with the of loss of people I once called friends. The struggle of being rejected and dejected in a new environment, being wrongly judged, discriminated and ridiculed. I used to stab myself all over with self pity but believe me, if it weren’t for these struggles and challenges I wouldn’t have developed resilience and maturity.


10.  HanginwithCam

I am thankful and elated for finding an outlet to share my life’s journey. The comments and  emails of appreciation really motivates me to continue sharing this journey with you. Whether you comment or not, I thank you for the support.

There is always something we can be grateful for. Never under-look any of your moments in life. Some may even seem not so colourful,but gratitude sculpts the perception that these moments can put together something priceless that you’ll never forget.


So….what are you grateful for?

14 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I am sooooo full of joy that you are coming into your own. Wow. Blossom baby, blossom. Happy bday 💖💖💖💖💖. Beautiful pics by the way🤗🤗

  2. A most significant and timely read. From where I sit one’s ability to pause and give thanks even in the midst of those unwelcomed learning curve type experiences is the hallmark of true maturity. Many, even with their years propelling chronologically never satisfy their inner beings with this fountain of peace.
    Choosing to nourish your thoughts with ongoing spiritual food solidifies this position like nothing else can. (My experience)
    Several months have gone by with me being given the privilege to witness your journey throughout these social platforms yet this refreshing read signals the beauty of it all is just warming up with amazing possibilities to soon manifest.
    Loads of love Camiesha.. my respect towards you continues to be heightened.

    1. Thanks Kadine! I am happy that you are following up,it means a lot. Keep reading and i hope to motivate you and be motivated by you.

  3. Great read Cam, continue to be encouraged and be you……I’ve truly enjoyed reading your life’s journey. Thanks for sharing! There’s hope for many through your lens.

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