Happy First Blogversary HanginwithCam!


 Hangin’withCam Turns 1!!

Today marks one year since I hit the publish button and Hangin’withcam went live!

For this post, I think it’s perfect to share a few tips I’ve learned in the blogging world over the past year. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

Just Do It!

De-Nature-0842I have been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for quite some time but kept putting it off because I was swarmed with doubts.

What if I start and can’t follow through?

What will people think of my content?

What if I don’t get any subscribers/followers?

What if…what if…what if… I had to dig out of my comfort zone if I wanted to experience growth.

Once you are passionate about blogging, go for it.

Be Yourself!

De-Nature-0858There are millions of bloggers in this world and that can be discouraging as a new blogger, but what sets you apart from everyone else is YOU. Do not try to be someone’s clone.

Be Consistent!

Blogging is a lot of work! It can be extremely difficult and frustrating if you don’t have a plan. I must admit that this is one of my weaknesses and I am learning from this mistake. If you plan on posting once per week, choose a day that works and stick with it.

Great Quality Photos

De-Nature-0846Quality images add so much life to any blog. Poor quality photos kill a blog post. I have been working with my friend @denaturephotography and she is incredible. I invested in a Nikon D5500 camera and have my husband/random strangers snap photos.


De-Nature-0887The best part about blogging is meeting new people. Networking is a great way to build your brand and develop relationships with people who are a part of the community.

What’s Next For HanginwithCam?


Great things must go on! 

I plan on posting more consistently.

I am experimenting with making videos as I and hope to start a HanginwithCam series.

More collaborations. I have teamed up the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF). Click here to learn more about this organisation. It’s pretty awesome hanging out with filmmakers, producers and directors. Be sure to check out my Instagram page for live updates and GIVEAWAYS!

Thank you so much for hanging with me on this journey. Your support means a lot; I will continue to sprinkle love, laughter and inspiration.



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