Hello Summer!

Summer is officially here and she brings overflowing good cheer. Her presence can be scorching but the fun and glee are so rewarding. Put on your hats, slip in your flip-flops and let’s romp all summer long. Kids…get out of the bunks and jump in your trunks, greet Aunt Summer before she waves bye.


Summer is my favourite time of the year and here is why I love her so much :

  • Fruits… Fruits are more abundant, juicier and sweeter during summer. Back in Jamaica I would have my bowl of June Plums(this I miss very much) but The Bahamas has some of my faves too like the Tamarind, Guinep, Sapodilla and of course MANGOES!
  • Hello Beaches…  The Bahamas is filled with breathtaking beaches and I am happy to live right next to one. Just looking at the crystal clear water is mesmerizing.
  • Pool Vibes… Lounging by the pool, splashing in the water, grabbing shade under the umbrella, bonding with my gal pals and sipping cocktails all day long. 
  • Hello Popsicle season…  A refreshing Popsicle is the perfect cooler in the sweltering sun. I love me some watermelon Agave Popsicle from Goodpop. It is made of clean and wholesome ingredients and 100% natural fruits, even my dogs love it!
  • Easy-Breezy Silhouette and Swimsuits… This one needs no explanation.
  • Good Vibes… People have a Happy-go-lucky vibe during summer.
  • Longer Days… I am not a night owl and I am so enjoying the lengthy days that summer brings. I am able to pack more activities in my day such as more outdoor adventures with the dogs.
  • Vacation Season… I think everyone knows that summer is just the perfect season for vacation. Get out of town, go on a road trip, visit attractions, try out a new culture… so many things to do. I am fortunate to live in the heart of a vacation destination. The Bahamas boasts an array of exotic islands and I hope to explore more this season. 
  • Summer Sunset… The sun reflects off the water more brilliantly, melting its warmth all over.
  • Perfect Time To Catch Up On Reading… I am currently reading Beckford-Brady’s ‘Sweet Home Jamaica’ and I am eating up the pages.
  • Summer is the happiest season and it’s the perfect time to match her personality with summer brights. Move over 50 shades of grey and make way for 50 shades of sunshine. 

AirBrush_20180628085101There is something about Summer that everyone likes, even if we may not admit it just yet. There is much to discover and appreciate during this colorful season. How do you see summer?

3 thoughts on “Hello Summer!

  1. The moment I’ve been waiting on. You look fabulous. I love the colors. I sat down and ate so many mangoes a few weeks ago. I was given a bag full and I ate most like over five one time. I love summer because I was born in this month so I consider it a blessing. Ohh by the way my mom actually sells popsicles, baggies and ice cream. Her summer is all year around. Ha hahahhahah. Love this blog Cam keep up the good literature and bringing animation to your words.

  2. Summer is indeed my favorite time of the year. Especially love having you in my summer. You are my Sunshine. 🙂

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