How To Achieve Your Goals 2019

Happy new year Guys, I wish you a productive 2019! How was 2018 for you?

If I should use one word to describe 2018, it would be procrastination! Around this time last year, I shared 10 goals I hoped to accomplish by the end of the year. If you missed that post you can check it out hereReflecting 2017… Shining 2018!

The start of a new year is a good time to reflect on your accomplishment(s) from the previous year. A review of 2018 showed that I failed to accomplish a whopping 80% of the goals that I’ve listed.

For example, one of my goals was is to conquer my fear of driving but Instead of working on it, I continue to be chauffeured by my husband and friends. I found myself stuck in the loop of “tomorrow I will work on it”.

After pondering the grave consequences of not achieving majority of my goals, I am ready to say good riddance to procrastination!

How do I plan on successfully achieving my goals this year?


I recently purchased a 2019 planner from Bershka to help me get organized. Here are 3 simple tips you could follow to turn your goals into reality.

1. Identify your goals– Be clear as to what you would like to accomplish and write it down. Why would you like to accomplish that goal? How would it make you feel getting it out of the way? What are some of the consequences if that goal isn’t accomplished?

2. Plan -Prioritize the goals that you have identified. From all the goals that you have listed, determine which is super duper important to you and place it at the top of the list, then set a deadline for each. Identify possible roadblocks/limitations to achieving your goals and find ways to overcome them.

3. ACT NOW – This is necessary if we want to achieve what we set out to do. Don’t wait until tomorrow; tomorrow can be pushed to next week, month or NEVER.

These are the steps that I am taking to successfully achieve my goals. By the end of the year, I can happily say, “You totally did it Cam!”. I hope you find these tips useful!


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