The Perfect Jewellery Organiser

You have that stunning dress picked out for date night, the perfect shoes to go with it and oh yes, the most beautiful pair of earrings to match, or at least you think you do!

Until you’ve almost finished accessorising, only to realise the crumbling truth-one of your earrings is missing!

There you are anxiously ruffling through your drawers, but that foot of earring is like a needle in a haystack of other pieces of jewellery that just won’t match. Then you start looking under the bed, between the sheets, in the bathroom, the kitchen, “where the hell is the other earring?!” Then you have a MELTDOWN.

Can You Relate?

For this post, I am glad to share a useful solution to this dilemma.

While decluttering my closet the other day, I stumbled on a compartmentalised jewellery bag that I got from a local store, AID and decided to put it to use.

The result? a saving of time, energy and money! Every time we lose our jewellery we tend to buy new ones and if you think about it, those couple bucks grow into a pretty penny.

20190130_094640This jewellery bag has 42 compartments. The zebra stripes and pink colour is really cute and draws me to keep my jewellery organised. What I love about the bag is that it’s clear as crystal; so I don’t have to guess and spell which pouch has which jewellery. I use the compartments to store my earrings, arm candy and other small pieces of jewellery while I store the thicker pieces in a jewellery box. Trust me, after using this bag, It makes getting ready so much easier and STRESS FREE. The bag has a hanger attached which makes it easy to put away in the closet.


How do you organize your jewellery?

Feel free to express your thoughts and opinions