Ianthia’s E-book Launch and Network Mixer!!

Last Wednesday evening I made my way down to the beautiful Halcyon Restaurant Bar And Lounge to join in the celebration of Ianthia’s e-book launch-Create Post Push and it was FANTASTIC! Before I walk you through the evening, lemme quickly shed some light 💡 on this inspirational being.


It is so heart warming to see young black women making positive contributions to society! Ianthia is one of such. She is a Bahamian journalist, producer, freelance TV host, fashion/travel/lifestyle blogger, influencer,entrepreneur,brand ambassador, YouTuber and now author.



I have been following her on Instagram for awhile. Enticed by her colourful, fun feed and bubbly personality, I later discovered her blog “Miniskirts and Microphones” and I am hooked. The best word to describe it is FUNSPIRATIONAL! Go follow her! I finally met this go -getter at The Paradise Plate Charity event back in September, and she is as bubbly in person as on social media! When I received an invitation to celebrate her e-book launch, I was elated! Create Post Push is a complete guide to the blogging world. It is an ideal tool for budding and existing bloggers who want to sharpen their skills.  As a new blogger, I am benefiting from this book tremendously. The guidelines are easy to follow… an honest approach to blogging.


It was an evening wrapped in goodness!  Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed and greeted with a goodie bag and refreshing cocktails. The room overflowed with good vibes: from the delicious bites, pulsing music, prizes and surprises and a fun photo booth…stunning ambiance I tell you! I even won a 100 dollar gift voucher from Going Places Travel ! I had  the opportunity to meet a few of my favourite local media personalities and also connected with social media followers.I even made new friends!




The highlight of the evening was listening to Ianthia’s speech which was truly motivating. The event was refreshing, I left feeling inspired to kick fear’s butt and get things done! I am sure if we strip off fear and self-doubt and clothe ourselves with confidence, commitment and determination, we will reap the rewards.




Congrats Ianthia! Keep oozing awesomeness!

Please clickhere to download CREATEPOSTPUSH.


6 thoughts on “Ianthia’s E-book Launch and Network Mixer!!

  1. She is a fireball of positivity..
    Great energy; wholesome entertainment; productive minds what a lethal combination against the naysayers and debbiedowners.
    Great read, always attractive to see us liberating and encouraging each other on.
    Solid going Mrs. Higgs..
    Loads of love
    Loads of respect
    Continued admiration
    Eternal blessings.

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