Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

“The best investment  you can ever make is in oneself, remember, your body is precious. It is a vehicle for awakening, treat it with care.”  Buddah.

If you have been following me on social media, you might come across photos and videos of Rory and I busting up some sweat at the gym.

Perhaps you may ask, “What the hell is this skinny gal doing at the gym? ” I get that all the time. Today, I will be sharing details about our fitness journey.



Like most people, I ate junk food right around the clock.  I have heard people say, “Cam girl, you can get away with eating anything. That food ain’t going nowhere.” So, because we are skinny that makes us healthy… right?  Rory  often warned that one day my crazy eating habits would catch up with me. Unlike myself, he was more health-conscious.

Our diet really got out of control when we started renovating our home three years ago. I won’t even begin to run on about the inconvenience and headache that comes with renovations. That’s when Rory got tangled in the web of unhealthy eating. Breakfast could be anything from left over rice and fried chicken to swallowing an ice cold beer. We had junk food every single day!

I attempted to be more health conscious when I noticed physical changes in my body.  My inner thighs and arms were getting flabby, cellulite was visible on the back of my legs and my stomach had a small bulge. Was I seeing doubles from cocktailing? It bothered me for a split second then I brushed the thought aside.

One day while walking the dogs, I remember Rory asking if I was aware that there were fat pockets on my legs. I felt embarrassed because he always complimented on how firm my body was. Everyone has their opinion about cellulite and for me honey, it’s a horror story! Being size zero and sporting cellulite is not a good look.Whenever I wore swimsuit I would be hiding behind a towel. I became insecure with my body; I must admit that it nagged me for a while and affected my self-esteem. Every day Rory would complain about his shirt not fitting as it should because his belly was getting out of control (we all have our insecurities). Time to tackle the problem.

We have struggled with cleaning up our eating habits for quite sometime but failed miserably. We stocked up new gym gears, signed up for a full year membership at a hotel primarily to use the  gym but only visited five times yet we took full advantage of the buffet and bar. The few times we went to the gym we had no clue what the machines were for. We would just hop from one machine to the next or mimic what other members were doing. Our independent approach was not effective. We needed professional help!

Luckily for us,  a new personal training studio is literally a 3 minutes walk from home. Ain’t God great! Meeting with our trainer- Vaklev Bastian (Newbodyressurection Personal Training Studio)was one of the best decisions ever! We fell in love with the intimate setting of the studio, it reminds me of a tutorial.  We wanted someone we were comfortable working with  and who had the experience and knowledge about proper nutrition.


I remember asking Bastian how fast I would expect to see changes with my body. He assured me that the changes would not happen overnight.  We kick- start our fitness journey  with a 60 days challenge. We gradually changed our unhealthy eating habits. Here are some changes we made:

  • Replaced juices and sodas with sparking water and lime.
  • Substituted white rice with brown rice and quinoa(which is quite tasty).
  • Replaced fatty meat with lean meat(chicken breast, tuna, salmon)
  • Breakfast smoothies
  • Healthy snacks
  • Got rid of ALL junk food from our kitchen( out of sight…out of mind).
  • Worked out 1 hour for 5 days every week.
  • “Treat days” weekends.

The results from the 60 days challenge of eating clean and working out was remarkable! My body became more toned and I also noticed a natural glow in my skin. My husband lost over 10 pounds and is feeling healthier and more energized.  Finally, we are doing something right. We have been working with our trainer for 7 months now and it is quite rewarding.




There are some really tough days when we want to tap out but looking back at where we are coming  from is what motivate us and refresh our discipline to keep on track.  Once you get started it becomes easier after a while.


I am not a health coach or fitness expert neither is this a paid advertisement. I am just sharing with you what worked for us. If you truly want to get on the journey to a healthier lifestyle, you must be committed, dedicated and disciplined. Grab your partner or a friend and get started if you haven’t already done so.






10 thoughts on “Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Love it Cam. Reminds me of how my ex and I use to be in the gym. Vaklev was also my trainer from I was in my late teens early twenties. He’s been one of the best from then. So proud of you and Rory, it’s always good to workout with someone you love, that within itself is motivation. Keep it up. Good health and a fit body is apart of being successful.🙌🏼💙🎉

    1. Hey i am glad that we share this fitness journey 🙂 Thanks much and true, working out with Rory really makes our journey easier.

  2. Amazing aspect of your journey to witness. I see you guys heading to and from gym several times.
    My husband stays true to his fitness journey running;cycling three or four times a week. Even with his ongoing encouragement I seldom get going only jogging on the beach twice this entire month. Let’s see if Cam chronicling her journey will renew my zeal soon enough. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Great story Cam!!!!! We all need motivation when it comes to working out, that’s for sure!!! Everyone has their goals no matter what size. Keep up the good work, both you and Rory are looking great!!! 😘

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