Lovely Lippies

“lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting.” – Gee Collins

I couldn’t agree more with the above quote! What a difference a swipe of lipstick / lip-gloss makes! (The most favourite part of my beauty routine hands down) It adds that polished and upgraded touch to my look.

Like many females, I have a ton of lipsticks; but there are just some colours that I love dearly. I tend to gravitate towards “pinky” nudes and reds because they complement my skin tone.  Occasionally, I step out of my comfort zone and play with some fun colours.

Today, I want to share with you girlies … 3 of my favourite lippies. ( the ones I wear religiously)

  1.    Ruby Woo


20171017_231256Whenever I want to “wakeup my face”, this bad girl does the trick!  It is my fave of ALL the red lipsticks that I own.(reminds me of Christmas) It  definitely  gives me that  oomph! What makes it great too is its durability. There is no need to reapply as it hugs the lips all day/night due to its matte finish.  I usually moisturize my lips before  I use this lipstick  as it is very dry and will leave the lips all patchy and wrinkled if not hydrated. Blonde hair + Red lips = Blonde Bombshell! What do you think?

2.  Velvet Teddy


LIPMy love affair with nudes all started because of this colour. It is the very first nude lippie that i purchased! It is more on the “pinky” side. This colour is soooo gorgeous! I love the way it   glides on, thus making it super easy to apply. Even though it is a matte finish , it is not drying on the lips (which I love). This colour is so easy to wear which makes it  perfect for every day wear and blends with most outfit.

3. Lancome Lip Lover ( 338 Rose des Cygnes)


20171017_210239This is my most recent purchase and I am obsessed!  At first, i wasn’t too hyped about this product because i am not a big fan of lip glosses ,they tend to  leave  my lips sticky and heavy.( the cheap ones at least)  This product was on sale for 10 or 11 bucks. My only regret  was that I didn’t grab all the colours they had.   Listen,  this is not the average lip gloss, it is more like a liquid lipstick. It has a rosy pink colour which is highly pigmented. I am  in love with the dewy finish, as it leaves my lips hydrated and plumped.


Do you have a  favourite lippie? Is it on the Gothic side? bold and vibrant/ sparkly side …? Please let me know in the comment’s section below.



6 thoughts on “Lovely Lippies

  1. Ruby Woo is definitely my favorite. It makes any outfit pop. It works for most skin complexion I would say. Way to go Cam! Nice to know we share that as a fav 😘🤗💃🏿

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