My “HairStory”

I have received  so many compliments and questions about my short platinum blonde hair; so i thought it would be cool to share my hair story with you guys. I am a mixed chick  with African and Indian roots. I grew up with really thick, shoulder length kinky-curly hair.
People would comment how fortunate I was to have “good hair” and not “peasy hair”.  What makes a hair good or bad though? That’s for another discussion.

As a child, I dreaded  having my hair combed because it got tangled very easily. This made it difficult to manage; my neighbours would  jeer/tease that I was nasty, because I didn’t like combing my hair.  Honestly, who likes the feeling of someone murdering their scalp with a razor sharp comb? NOT ME!

I love watching my mom get into character as she recalled stories of how I would bawl down di place, and how her friends vowed never to touch my hair again because I carried on like someone was killing me. I guess that’s the only time I got a decent comb  LOL.  There were times when my mom would just smooth the sides, front and back of my hair  with a brush, just to avoid struggling with me( the middle of my hair was like a bird’s nest). I don’t think she had any clue how to style my hair and what products to use ( Her hair was ALWAYS in a pixie cut and she has full blown Indian hair). My hair was pretty much in one style… a bun.

I got my hair relaxed at the age of twelve with the intention of making it more manageable. I remembered bawling my eyes out because my hair was not straight like the little girl on the box of the relaxer. It was still thick and CURLY! After 6 perms it got a bit easier.

During my late teenage years,  I got bored with the same old look,  so I started experimenting with hair bleach. I then discovered hair rinse and my go to colours were crimson fire and copper sunset; they were the only colours I knew of. I also became addicted to clipping my hair(but never a big chop).

During my mid 20’s , I discovered a wide variety of hair colours; I was like a kid in a candy store.   I ran through a spectrum of colours from brown, orange, gold, fiery red to magenta.


That’s how I quenched my boredom for a while at least. I was still on the quest of finding a look that suited me and sticking to it. After  years of battling with fried, brittle, gummy  hair from  bleaching,  I wanted a fresh start. What’s the sense of walking around with a  lifeless head of hair anyway? My hair was so damaged that it took three full days to dry!

I was ready for a big chop! My only concern was looking like a man.  I started researching women who took a chance with big chops, and my greatest inspiration was from Eva Marcille. She looked ahhhhmazing! I am sure I can rock this look!

I did my first big chop in 2012. I remembered stepping out of the barber shop and a former high school classmate yelled from across street, “Cameshia, why yu cut off yuh nice pretty hair?  Getty getty nuh want it and wanty wanty can’t get it”.  Well, I still looked like myself since I was easily recognized.  Some  turned up their nose as if I committed a horrendous crime. Some persons  expressed how much they rather me with longer hair because I looked more beautiful. While Others complimented on how they were digging the look.


Most importantly, how did I feel about it? I ABSOLUTELY loved it!  Wow, I did not need hair to look beautiful. The big chop breathed new life into me. I felt free, fresh and confident. The only thing that was missing was a pop of colour, so I continued experimenting with colours and BAM! There she was, platinum blonde!  I love how the colour bounced off my skin and gave that instant glow!

AirBrush_20171020165500I started the process of growing my hair out of curiosity. I never got a chance to truly embrace my curls, so i decided to give it a chance.  I would spend countless hours  watching YouTube videos, and those curly gals made it seem as if it was a walk in the park. I admired their soft bouncy curly hair. I was certain I could follow these tutorials and achieve the same look. Every other week, I stocked up on new hair products ( I became a product junkie),but for some reason  I couldn’t seem to get it right. 95% of the time my hair looked as if it had been electrocuted which is quite frustrating. This hair journey is a pain in the butt!

There I was,  back to the struggle of detangling knots. With me constantly colouring my hair, the curl pattern changed. The roots were curly( that Jerry curls kind of curl),  the middle was wavy and the ends straight. Baby girl went straight to the barber shop and put that misery behind.

I am happiest with short platinum blonde hair. A fresh haircut with a pop of colour never gets stale. Truthfully, this is not an easy colour to achieve and it requires plenty hydration. I usually bleach my hair myself or get my dear friend Jayne to help me out ( whenever she is in town). I love the fact that my low haircut goes with any style and gives me that edgy look. It took a lot of trial and error to find that satisfied look.

If you are interested in going platinum, I strongly suggest going to a professional or else your hair will melt right in front your eyes, no joke…been there! 😊 lol



We all have a hair story. What’s yours?

Until next time


12 thoughts on “My “HairStory”

  1. Love reading your journey!! You showed that you finally tamed your hair to get it to listen to you!! Yayyyyy! Love it and you! Go Cam go!!! Platinum beauty and brains!!

    1. Hey Girl! You know the struggles with this hair. I love the purple 💜too but nutt’n like dis platinum beauty 😍💓💃

  2. You know I’ve played around with colours myself. I wear my hair shoulder length and most of the time I have multiple colours in it and depending on the way the light hits it, you see a different one. I’m not brave enough to do the big chop nor do the platinum blond but I absolutely love it on you!

  3. Great story Cam! You’ve almost tried all of the colors of the rainbow and they all suit you! I truly feel your pain with the curly thick hair, went through the same thing and I still go through it at now. Keep your stories coming!

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