Five Cutest Weekend Finds

Last Saturday, I dropped all my chores and headed straight to Louis & Steen’s New Orleans Coffeehouse to check out their fall craft market. I thought I would hop on the blog to share my cutest finds.

All the vendors are Bahamian Entrepreneurs and I love to support small businesses(this is not a sponsored post).

  1. Paradise Apothecary’s Pumpkin Whipped Butter 


    I mentioned Paradise Apothecary a few months back and it has been my go-to moisturizer since then. I was over the moon when I learned about their newest scent- PUMPKIN! I boast about their signature moisturizer- Coconut Whipped Butter, but OMG, the pumpkin is to die for and perfect for the fall season!20181026_11283720181026_114713

2. Pretty Natural 

I’ve been using homemade soaps for a few months now and there is no turning back. I picked up a Lattetude(my fave) and Jolly soap along with a Buttered Up lip balm and like McDonald’s, I’m loving it! Only better because it’s all natural haha! The lip balm is so buttery, leaving my lips soft and sweet.


3. Island Chic Straw Earrings

These earrings came right in time for Girls’ Night Out. I really like the straw and gold combo which gives off an island vibe… so simple yet elegant.



4. Elsie Frazer’s Straw Clutch

This handmade clutch is absolutely fabulous! The pink design is pretty and is a perfect match for my straw earrings from Island Chic. A must-have for every island gyal.20181026_114801


5. Fawkes Serving Board

How dope is this serving board?! It is one of Rory’s picks and caught my eyes while unpacking after we got home. I must say this board is Fawking amazing. It gives an oceanic island Hawaii-ish vibe that is fun to look at. It is made of wood and blue resin and a fun piece for the kitchen!20181026_114748

The holiday season is right around the corner and these items are great gift ideas.

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