Reflecting 2017… Shining 2018!


I can’t believe 2017 is all gone with the wind! Since the last decade, every new year seems like a journey on a time machine, it comes and goes so fast! 2017 was sweet and savoury for some of you and you wanted it to last longer; for others it may have left a bitter taste and you couldn’t wait to say good riddance!

For me, it was a pretty decent year, a year of making some challenging yet rewarding life adjustments such as:

1. Cutting myself loose from toxic relationships I have rid myself of energy drainers and  now associate with people who uplift and inspire me.

2. Settling in The Bahamas I have now resided in the Bahamas for almost 5 years and It’s finally feeling like home. It has been quite a rough ride but I have gained experiences which help me to grow as an individual and GROWTH is beautiful.

3. Fitness journey My husband and I started our fitness journey in March. Just in case you missed it click here. Side note: we completely fell off over the holidays but will be back on track Monday.

4. The birth of Hangin’withCam I am incredibly happy to find a medium that it is helping me to gain confidence and be more sociable.



The good thing about the new year is that it affords the opportunity for a fresh start. It is also the ideal time to set goals. I must admit that I don’t usually set goals, I just get up and go along with the flow. This year I plan on being more organised plus I can imagine how satisfying it is to knock down milestones.

Here are 10 of my goals:

1. Establish a deeper connection with the most high.

2. Work on the development of my blog- It’s almost three months since i’ve started Hangin’withCam; I am still learning the ins and outs of blogging. I plan on sharing more fashion, travel and fitness related posts.

3. Stop overthinking and ease up on being a worry wart.

4. Facing my fear of Driving. I shy away from getting behind the wheel. I don’t drive as much as I should but that is about to change this year.

5. Socialize more.

6. Be consistent with my fitness journey. NO CHEAT DAYS! This is going to be a tough one but I am up for the challenge.

7. Declutter my personal space. I have way too many stuff that I don’t use. I plan on donating these items to charity(If you know of any please let me know).

8. Read at least 5 books for the year.

9. Take a break from social media for 3 days each month.

10. Travel more.

Do you have any goals for 2018? I wish you all a successful year…Wake… Pray… Slay!!!!!!

22 thoughts on “Reflecting 2017… Shining 2018!

  1. Wayyy awesome! You can always count on me for support. I will be constantly blowing wind beneath your wings. 😊

  2. Love the blog! I haven’t made any resolutions but I do have some goals quite similar to yours 😉 Let’s crush then together! Happy New Year, beauty!

  3. I am extremely proud of you and absolutely love reading your blog (always open on my phone) and just to see how it’s developing. I look forward to seeing your continued growth in 2018.

  4. I am indeed loving this medium my dear keep inspiring you know I am one of your biggest fan. Stay happy with hubby there ain’t no better way. Happy new year boo

  5. Happy Happy first Saturday Cam. This post was so nice. I to didn’t set goals in previous times and im still finalizing my first list. Happy 3rd month also and please keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I trust that you will achieve all your goals for this year.
      Nuff love,

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