Life Update

Hello Friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I stopped by Hanginwithcam. I also took a big break from social media to recharge my mind, body and soul.

What’s been happening in Cam’s world?

Marriage comes with rewards, challenges and the unexpected too. Rory and I never expected to spend our second anniversary as victims of conch poisoning.

Oh what a sh**ty week that was! Conch poisoning is no joke!

MOLE REMOVAL- Since I hit 30, I noticed tiny moles taking up residence on my face and neck. Can I say ANNOYING. I made an appointment for a laser removal procedure. Truthfully, It wasn’t the most pleasant experience but beauty comes with pain, right? During this period I stayed indoors to avoid contact with the sun, wasn’t able to get dolled up for photoshoots. I allowed my skin to heal naturally, thank goodness for aloe vera!

DOGS SURGERY/ DENTAL CLEANING- For the past two years, my dogs groomer-Sian and fellow dog mom-Nadine have been drilling in my head to get my boys neutered. After taking Fatboy to the vet a few weeks back for badly burnt balls from the summer heat, I was even more convinced by the veterinarian to have them neutered, so I agreed for both Dusty and Fatboy to do surgery. Neutering is said to prevent aggression, testicular cancer, prostate problems, marking of territory, etc.

Fatboy recovered way faster than Dusty. Dusty’s procedure was more complicated because he had  a retained testicle. I am happy to announce that both boys are fully recovered. We also got all four dogs teeth cleaned.

Dog maws and paws, how do you feel about neutering?

PASSING OF A DEAR FRIEND- Death is something we’re most certain of but never prepared for its sting.Two weeks ago, we got a phone call about the passing of a friend from the cold hand of cancer. Everything happened so fast. The reality of that call struck us to this very moment,reflecting on the hope of resurrection and the good times we had is helping us to cope.

 Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got.”  Tim Cook


R.I.P Darian Crearey



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