Walking into Sweater Weather

One of the first things I learned when I moved to The Bahamas is that the weather gets cooler during  the months of January- March. It’s been in the 60s in Nassau all week.

A dip in temperature means: homemade chicken soup, Excelcior water crackers dipped in hot cocoa and of course chic cosy sweaters.I am currently on the look out for more sweaters like this one I am wearing from Limaris Couture.20180107_10002120180107_095632AirBrush_20180107094505AirBrush_20180107092545AirBrush_20180107092515I am not a fan of oversized sweaters because they swallow my petite frame. I love how this wine color one hugs my body. The material is high quality and super soft, the sleeves feature a strip of dark brown suede with cute brass buttons which gives it character. I adore high necked looks-such a classic style. I combined this piece with my favorite pair of distressed jeans which gives an edgy look. I wore my pink and black ombre pumps; these are the most comfortable heels in my closet and I love the way they elongate my legs. I finished the look with a pair of gold knobs and frost lippie from Mac.AirBrush_2018010709225820180107_09291320180107_094011This look is perfect for a casual date night.

How do you dress warm during the cooler weather?


What Am I Wearing?

Sweater: Limaris Couture

Jeans: Diva’s Dorm

Shoes: Shoe Depot

All stores are located at the Marathon Mall, Nassau Bahamas.

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