Weekend Look

Do over doubt!

What a cool way to boost your confidence!

I have been on a T-shirt kick lately,especially statement tees-they say a lot without you opening your mouth.

I ordered a couple from Girls Are The Plug including this one and I am quite satisfied with my purchase. When I saw this tee I didn’t hesitate to add it to my cart; it reminds me not to let fear and doubt cramp and paralyze my progress. The shirts are made from high quality fabric and fits perfectly. I am wearing a size small just in case you are wondering.De-Nature-0149AirBrush_20180306071132This classic white tee and these high waisted culotte shorts from Krave are so good together. I have had these mustard culottes for a little over a year, and they are a great alternative to jeans especially during spring/summer. I gave my Bridget sandals a little break and slide into these super comfy black suede slides. I seriously can’t get enough! I bought all the colours they had at John’s.AirBrush_20180310103724AirBrush_20180310103450AirBrush_20180310135820This popular bamboo ark bag is sooo adorable and complements just about any outfit. I got this one from Amazon in size small for under $40 which is way more affordable than the designer one and it seems durable. This is definitely my go-to spring/summer bag!AirBrush_20180307081429

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