What’s in my Bag?

Happy hump day loves! Hold tight, the weekend is ALMOST here!!!

A few days ago I was standing behind a young lady at the cashier of a local food store; I watched her panicked as she dug through a pile of items in search of some coins that were buried in her suitcase-sized handbag.

Yes, some of us can definitely relate. Sometimes I am curious as to what other females carry in their handbags…am I alone? I thought it would be fun to share with you the contents in my bag.


I like big bags but hate carrying them around because

  • They weigh down my poor little shoulder ( I would be like an unbalanced scale).
  • My items would get lost at the bottom and I would have reacted just as the young lady at the food store.

The only time I tote my “house and land” is whenever I TRAVEL! Whenever I TRAVEL! and whenever I TRAVEL!

I usually carry around a pocket sized dark-brown leather Radley cross bag,  You might have spotted this bag a few times in my photos. This cute bag was gifted to me three years ago by my husband from his trip to Scotland. It goes with me on lunch dates to running errands. What makes it more precious is that it has a sweet Scottie dog charm which I absolutely ADORE. Y’all know I am a big dog lover!  This beautiful bag blends well with my outfits because of Its shade; hence making it perfect for every day wear. Below are items that I usually walk around with in my bag:



  1. Cellphone- my cellphone sits in my bag just for a couple seconds, majority of the time I am typing away or chatting.
  2. Keys – House and car keys.
  3. Credit cards – Can’t get my shopping done without these.
  4. Sunglasses – Whenever I rush out without makeup.
  5. Gum- Freshens breath after meals.
  6. Sanitary napkin- Miss lil red riding hood can be so darn unpredictable at times.
  7. Hand sanitizer- Especially after devouring the head of a snapper/conch salad
  8. Pen – Must have.
  9. Receipts- I don’t throw away those!
  10. Chapstick- To keep my lips moist.
  11. Coins galore – If y’all need coins for the wash house… check me lol.

Every female that I know carries around a handbag. Whether big or small, these cute accessories are our home away from home. What are some of the contents in your handbag?

10 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?

  1. Love it Cam!!!!! Gosh we do carry around so much in our bags… the bigger the bag the more crap right!!!! Lol. Keep the stories coming! 😘😘😘

  2. Hey Cam! I can definitely relate to the ‘big bag syndrome.’ When you’re away from home for so many hours in the day, a small bag just won’t do; and of course digging comes along with the game. My necessities are:
    Cellular phone
    Keys (car, home and work)
    Scent free wipes
    Makeup pouch

    During a day out or date night, a simple clutch or tote always works! Just lipstick and cards will do 😉.
    Enjoying your posts! Xo

    1. Hey Akema! Sometimes you just have to tote “the house and land” Because the small bags won’t do the job. We have some similar contents in our bags!!!!! 😁 I am happy you are enjoying my posts😘

  3. I always have a pear or apple around no joke!! I don’t eat meat so always need a fruit at hand to keep my blood sugar up 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. wowwwww!! I remember my mom telling me that all I needed to add to mine is a stove and refrigerator lol!! but I always have hair gel, edge brush, face powder, face sponge, lip gloss, tampon, wipes and a whole bunch of silvers in mine. Ya must always be prepared

    1. Wow Eldica! You have a whole beauty supply sitting in your bag. Btw The edge brush is really handy for those ladies with hair, it keeps those edges on fleek!

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